Why I Do What I Do

I have enjoyed such an exciting career and life, full of diverse experiences that allowed me access to the power of human potential. Whether it’s working with gang members in inner-city Chicago to speaking to rooms of thousands of people, I have discovered that people truly want to be loved, to be successful, to have an opportunity to realize their potential. I see it as a privilege to be in a position where I can support individuals and organizations by helping them to empower themselves with the skills and attitudes necessary for success.

There is nothing like being a part of positive change. When people ask how I would describe my work, I have often utilized the metaphor of a car battery. You don’t just automatically throw it out if the car fails to start — sometimes, you just need to grab some jumper cables to give it a jolt. That’s me. I’m the set of jumper cables that offers a spark to push you forward towards achieving the greatness clearly within you. Whether it’s watching a group that previously experienced tension and dysfunction play together during one of my sessions and become motivated to become a unified and productive force, listening to young people after a workshop share their stories and thank me for inspiring them to go for their dreams, or seeing the liberating power of a presentation in which participants confront and work through their own cultural biases to become committed to building inclusive spaces… that’s what drives me in this labor of love.

My hope is that every single person reading this blog posts fully appreciates their own unique gifts. I’m here to support you in the journey!


  1. You challenged me beyond what I thought possible! I was the student who handcuffed you at HCC! I knew you wouldn’t stay long we were lucky to have you, on the issue of the jury wawarding a child I voted contrary to my true feeling to see what you and your dad was there too would say.
    Dr Sterling Larson was gay and I dearly loved him and his class and later as a. Counselor Gloria koepping counselor was my friend she was also gay,you both told me you were disappointed in me! I thought it would open up a conversation. I still have my papers I wrote in your class which my daughter holly thought ieas crazy to rewrite a b+ paper… To get an A- .i was in houroffice7am
    What doi have to do to get an A! Iwillusemy you y rewrites, I still have the paper that students and you wrote about. Me,I had it laminated and itisinthe inside of my glass cupboard so youth aged. Any lives I heard that you left because they locked you up in the hcc bs. But knowing you …it was time to on!co brats on your awards can’t wait to get your book! Will you autograph it?

  2. You made a difference in my life and I pass it on to others as a gift! We were sure lucky to have you at hcc I knew you wee passing by! You still challenge me I kept my work I did in your class! Peace and love to you and yours – your student that handcuffed you in class. Hope to see you on channel 9 in Seattle where people can buy your videos on monthly basis and spread the word…. Reach higher! Take care you are a terrific person and I am glad I met you!

  3. What I read was all about the self, sort of a motivational concept. Truth and peace lies in always being about the good of others. In this the person explores the concept of freedom from human endeavor, which is based on learned behavior. My joy is when a person becomes a door for others in self sacrifice for their benefit. This is the essence of love.

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