Speaking Topics

Dr. G customizes his dynamic workshops and keynotes to each audience to ensure maximum impact and relevance.  Here is a list of his most requested presentation topics:

Motivation for Success: Right Now… Starts the Rest and Best of Your Life!
Attitudes are contagious – make yours worth catching! In this dynamic interactive presentation, participants will experience powerful and proven strategies for maintaining a positive attitude, strategizing for success, and achieving their dreams. Learn how to stay on fire… without burning out!

“Dr. Greenfield is an incredibly powerful speaker with an exciting style and innovative message that one can never forget!”
Cassius Butts, Small Business Administration

“Derek Greenfield is the man! I get more from listening to Derek for an hour than I do from attending most conferences for an entire weekend. His ideas are easy to implement, and best of all, they get results!”
Jonathan Sprinkles, Motivational Speaker

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Building Successful Teams to Achieve Dreams
It’s true about the power of TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More! This exciting session will get your team working together like never before, providing real opportunities for collaborating to accomplish goals. Participants need to be ready to learn, laugh, and love themselves and one another!

“Outstanding! Extraordinary! Derek’s continuous energy, captivating charisma, and contagious positive attitude helped us take a giant step forward in improving the quality of service to guests!”
Lynne Radomski, Palmer House Hilton

“Derek’s enthusiastic yet thoughtful approach to team building truly made a long-lasting impact on the entire organization.”
Rodney Gaddy, Progress Energy

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Confronting Ourselves: Promoting Diversity, Cultural Competence, and Inclusive Excellence
In this increasingly diverse global world, individuals and organizations must adopt policies and practices that appreciate the power of culture in building relationships and maximizing human potential. This powerful participatory session challenges people to examine their own biases and work together to learn how to achieve inclusive excellence.

“Passionate and alive! One of the most admirable qualities about Derek is that he indeed “walks the talk” on multiculturalism and social justice. He has a wonderful way of making his audiences reflect upon themselves and the changes they are capable of — all with humor and wit.”
Kayleen Oka, Seattle Central Community College

“Dynamic and powerful! His workshop clearly expanded my knowledge of cultural issues. I am truly inspired and excited about using these new strategies!”
Albert Munn, The Brotherhood Project

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Hip-Hop Culture as a Tool for Education and Empowerment
Contrary to popular perception, hip-hop culture has always possessed incredible potential as a vehicle for positively impacting young people. This “edu-taining” session will provide thoughtful insights into the culture as well as exciting ways in which it can be utilized to engage, motivate, and inspire.

“Dr. Greenfield’s hip-hop presentation was the cultural event of the year — incredibly informative, entertaining, and inspiring!”
Dr. Paul Frazier, Texas Tech University

“Awesome! Thanks for your dedication to doing great things in our community.”
Nate Bell, Radio One

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Innovative Strategies for Reaching and Teaching Today’s Students
Students from the Millennial Generation aren’t like those from the past… and it can be a great thing! This highly engaging session offers critical insights into the characteristics and strengths of today’s young people as well as dozens of practical techniques that can be implemented immediately to improve learning outcomes.

“Derek is a wonderful speaker with mind-boggling information. He is the best I’ve ever seen!”
Sharon Jackson, Greenwood High School

“Awesome presentation. The participants are still talking about how great you were.”
Dr. Joyce Blackwell, Bennett College

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